HOT 100


Well, it’s official guys, the Maxim Hot 100 has been released for 2012.  This is seriously big news, I mean, if you’re like a fifteen-year-old male.  Personally, this list is always a little lulzy for me. First of all, it’s pretty much just an excuse for the editors of Maxim to get their brand name out and in the news -it’s free publicity, so maybe it’s actually kind of smart on their part. Hmm. Anyway,  it’s an extremely vapid list that only counts “hotness” as the key factor. I think it says a lot about our society that there’s so much press coverage and so-called “hype” on an extremely subjective list based on how sexy a woman is. I mean, there was even a TV show on VH1 about it.

This year’s list was even a little more smarmy because they decided to put Amanda Knox (no. 92) on the list, as in the girl who was accused (and convicted, but it was overturned) of murdering her abroad roommate. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think that’s going a little too far. Yeah, she’s a very pretty girl, but come on, she was convicted of murder. It’s just tacky and attention-seeking.

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polish and such… it’s a beauty post


I LOVE NAIL POLISH. I used to really hate it because I’ve always been a big tomboy, but lately I am in love with it. I mean, nail polish is probably the least girly of all beauty products, besides, like, foundation.

Here’s my thing about “designer nail polish.” I think it’s worth the money. Yeah, it’s kind of pricey, but the color payoff as well as the lasting ability is pretty great. Plus, don’t little glass bottles with designer names like “Dior” and “YSL” look really chic on a bathroom counter?!

This is Dior’s Lucky. It’s like a pinky red, and I absolutely love it. I’m usually not a fan of reds, but this one is the perfect rosy red. Usually I think reds are kind of older looking, but this is a fun red because there are obvious pink undertones. You could probably wear this color to any occasion -graduation, birthday, school dance, whatever. Granted, if your school colors are red (like mine), it might clash, so beware.

This is Essie in No More Film. I love Essie. It’s the best “cheaper” kind of nail polish. This purple looks amazing -it’s dark enough that you could wear it to work (if your work has strict dress codes), but it’s also not too dark and dreary. I mean, it is springtime!

Deborah Lippmann’s On the Beach. LOVE THIS COLOR. It reminds me of water and the ocean and tropical-ness. I could see wearing this to school and getting tons of compliments.

YSL in Surreal Yellow. Love this. The thing you have to be wary of with yellow polish is that you put on enough coats. One time I was at Nordstrom and this saleswoman came up to me and tried to get me to buy this Deborah Lippmann polish in Yellow Brick Road. The thing with that color is that it’s not opaque; the woman described it to me as a “gel” like coating that was reminiscent of jellybeans. See, I’m not a fan of that because then it looks like you’ve got a yellow nail problem going on unless you put, like, 20 coats of it on. YSL Surreal Yellow is opaque, thank goodness.

work it out in $tyleeeee, yo.


Working out. Meh. I woke up at like 7:30 this morning to go to morning Yoga power flow at the yoga place a few blocks from my apartment. UUUUGH, I hate waking up early on Mondays, or any day for that matter. Thankfully, exercising this morning turned out to be pretty great. Plus, I was able to see my friend and get the instructor that I really enjoy having.

Anyway, everyone in class looked really cute in their yoga gear. I just wore my usual black Nike running shorts and a loose t-shirt that I got with “Wisconsin J-School” on the front of it. I AM STYLIN.

My instructor and everyone else (three other people besides myself -it was a small class this morning) wore yoga pants from Lululemon or wherever. Actually, this one girl was decked out head to toe in Lululemon, which costs a pretty penny to say the least. And my friend wore a cute turquoise tank top and brought an adorable bag that definitely looked like the kind of bag I would bring to go hang out with friends -i.e. it was a nice, leather bag.

That’s how I want to look at the gym now. Like, sporty chic. Kind of like how Vanessa Hudgens and all of her Disney Channel friends look like after they come out of their pilates class in LA. They legit rock Valentino bags to the gym. Yeah, as in $1000+ gym bags. That’s taking gym fashion to the next level.

The following are my picks for more stylish gym outfits.

BBV is rocking the hippie workout look, even though those shoes that she is wearing are like skater shoes and probably not the best choice to work out in. Other than the bad choice of sneakers, I like everything about this look. Loose fitting top and bright colored sports bra/tank top, shorts, and a jacket.

I’m not the biggest Carrie Underwood fan, but I do have to say that every time I see her in workout gear, she looks really cute and functional. I LOVE THOSE SHORTS (the same exact kind I wore to yoga today). I also like her choice of shoes -take note Vanessa. Plus, her top is more fitted and cuter than the beefy Hanes T I was wearing this morning. It looks like the fabric is thinner than your regular t-shirt, which is great because it’s breathable. The skulls make it look cute, and I like how she decided to go with the classic black and white.

The Tis is wearing simple black shorts and a tank. I think she looks really cute. She’s kind of going for a sexier gym look, but at the same time, it’s really functional because when you work out you don’t want to have tons of layers on -you might pass out. Ashley also has a nice little tan going on, so she looks overall fantastic. If I was a dude working out, I’d be like “Daaaaamn.” And if I was a girl (I mean, I am, so not “if,” I guess) I’d be like “OMG SHE’S SO CUTE WORKING OUT I HATE HER AND NOW I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO STARVE MYSELF AND GET A TAN AND GET CUTER WORKING OUT CLOTHES AND TRY TO LOOK AS GOOD AS HER OMG I FEEL SO GROSS AND UGLY IN MY WORKOUT WEAR WHY CAN’T I LOOK LIKE HER? OMG THAT SLUUUUUUUUT” or, you know, something along those lines.

This is Mila Kunis wearing a cute Adidas jacket, legging capris, nike running shoes, and a chic sports bag that actually looks more like a designer bag (which I’m like 100 percent sure it is). She looks awesome and this is an easy look to copy.

This is Mila Kunis again, post workout. She’s wearing those legging capris again, and she looks really cute, of course. Her t-shirt is super cute, and it looks like it’s probably one size larger than if she was using it to wear outside of the gym. She must really like iced coffees too.

There’s nothing more motivating than a cute workout outfit… I mean, besides the being in shape factor.

the trouble with romney


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Mitt Romney is slowly, yet actually not so slowly, becoming the inevitable Republican candidate. I think we kind of all knew in the back of our minds it would happen, even though a Santorum candidacy would have been both terrifying and magical. Terrifying because, well, it’s Rick Santorum -how is he not terrifying? This is the guy who labeled college as for “snobs,” pretty much. He’s also the man who said he wouldn’t even give his daughter an abortion, even if she was raped -he thinks it’s best to make “a good situation out of a bad one.” Yeah. Oh and he’s the guy with the Google bomb of his last name. Yet, a Santorum candidacy would have been magical because imagine the debates. Santorum would have his Santorum’d ass handed to him by President Barack Obama. I can only dream of the amazing quotes, gifs, and historical shame we would get from it all.

Honestly, I don’t think Mitt is going to win the whole sha-bang. Why? Because he’s not relatable to, like, 99 percent of the population. This is the guy who said that while he doesn’t watch NASCAR that much, he does have some friends who own teams. NASCAR TEAMS. Do you know how rich you have to be to own a freaking NASCAR team? Really freaking rich.

Not only does he not relate to most of America, but he doesn’t relate to a big constituency of conservative America: the Evangelicals and rednecks -and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The Evangelicals are behind Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Why? Because Mitt hasn’t always been a big conservative. He was governor of Massachusetts for crying out loud -MASSACHUSETTS. You’re not going to become governor of a state like Massachusetts if you’re an über conservative like Santorum or Gingrich -you have to be a moderate, and that’s what Romney essentially ran as. But now he’s changing his tune and pandering to the staunchly religious conservatives, yet I think people take these Evangelicals and Fundamentalists as dumber than they really are. I mean, yeah, they believe a lot of dumb stuff, but they’re not so stupid to just follow Mitt blindly as he flip flops through the issues. That’s why they’re voting for Gingrich and Santorum, and to be honest, I think they’d rather vote for Gingrich but since Santorum is doing so well in the polls, they’ll settle for him.

As for the rednecks, he’s too “hoity-toity” for them, plain and simple.

Truthfully, I was okay with Mitt until he started pandering to the far right. Unfortunately that’s wat has happened to this country. We’ve become so polarized that it’s pretty much impossible for a moderate to get elected -granted, Pres. Obama is pretty much a moderate in respect to his colleagues on the far left and right.

Americans today pretty much vote for parties and not candidates. Granted, parties are made of candidates, but these candidates are compromising their beliefs as well as the beliefs of some of their constituents because the only easy way to win is to get the vote of an entire party.

this is a long, updated post of my life


You know when you’re in that mood where everyone and everything is just pissing you the EFF off? Well, I’m currently in one of those moods. It’s really annoying because I don’t like being in this kind of a mood, but hey, I haven’t really had much to complain about lately, so I guess it was bound to happen.

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the most controversial rose ceremony ever. and i mean ever.


Ok so I don’t like admitting this, but I do watch some Bachelor/Bachelorette from time to time. I know, I’m quickly losing respect for myself as well. But I just cannot deny my love for the stupidity of this show. It’s an unintentional comedy that I get my monthly secondhand embarrassment from. Everything about this show is so cheesy; the horrendous choice of 80s music, the way in which these people interact with each other, how unnecessary the host guy is. Is his name Chris Hanson? I always want to say that but I know that’s not his name because Chris Hanson is the BAMF from Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator. Now that, my friends, is a show. But seriously, that guy’s name is like Chris Henderson or Harrison or something with an H and a son.

The beanie makes him *~soulful~*

Anyway, the other night was the season finale of The Bachelor season 89301231, which starred lovable Rafael Nadal semi-lookalike-if-he-had-been-hit-with-the-neanderthal-stick-a-few-times, Ben Flajskdfjdf (his last name is seriously something like that), from the season that brought you gullible Ashley and that hilarious douchecanoe Bentley. Even though I had only seen one episode, I knew who one of the last two ladies standing was because her face has been on numerous tabloids over the past weeks -Courtney, who apparently likes being naked.

WTF is this photo? A romance novel cover?

Courtney was the villan of the show because she was mean to the other girls and did not give an EFF about anyone else but Ben. Plus, she was always flaunting her sexuality, which really p.o.’d most of the other girls off. Well, of course Courtney wins and blah, blah, blah. They legit ride into the sunset on a helicopter and all’s well that ends well. That is until Ben realizes that the woman he “is going to marry” is actually a psychopathic bitch. This is where things get awkward. Apparently Mr. Chris Hanson/Henderson/Harrison/I’m-too-lazy-to-google-it says “THEY DON’T TALK ANYMORE. SO AWKWARD!!!!!” Or something.

In the “After The Final Rose Ceremony” ceremony, Chris is like “oh my gawd this is the most controversial bachelor season ever and let’s bring out your bachelor, BEN!!!!” Then he brings Ben out, and like the wet rag he is, Ben is like “uh Courtney’s behavior concerns me. Blah, blah, blah I make wine.” COOL.  Then Ben goes away backstage and Chris brings out Courtney, who actually looks super cute. Courtney starts tearing up and is like “I THOUGHT BEN WAS THERE FOR ME BUT HE’S NOT. THERE IS TRUST GONE.” Awesome; not like I haven’t heard this in every single after the show ceremony thing ever. Then Ben and Courtney are finally reunited on the couch, and have an awkward conversation about how “trust was lost.” I just love the faces of the women and one gay guy in the audience. It’s like they’re going through the stages of grief. PRICELESS.

Of course, Ben starts crying and Courtney is like trying to cry but it isn’t really happening. Chris is like “uh I serve no purpose on this show whatsoever” and continues to ask them the dumbest questions, such as, “are you still in love?” “Was the love real?” “Courtney, are you really a whore?” (The answer is yes to all of them).


Anyway, what I really want to talk about is how the alums of The Bachelor are, like, totes into Twitter. What I love even more is reading their dumb as hell profile descriptions. Let me show you a few (I DID NOT MAKE THESE UP, THEY ARE REAL):

Yes, it does actually read “Bachelorette Season 7. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Protein. Boom.” BOOM? Are you F****** kidding me? What year is this, 2001? Also, the picture screams “I’M A DOUCHE, LIKE MY BOD? BOD MAN!” I can’t believe this guy has the balls to put that as his picture. Oh wait, he did have the balls to audition for the Bachelorette in the first place. But “Protein. Boom.” ? Are you kidding me?

There are several statements in this that read like those glitter graphics that you could put on your MySpace or Xanga. You know the ones I’m talking about, like, “OmGz SuMMer 2010 Live, Laugh, LOVE!!!!” Everything about this is tacky. “Blonde at heart!” Okay… “Can say I love you in 8 languages.” That’s like saying “I’m eight and I can count to 10!” NO ONE CARES. She just has to end it with a play on with her name. Over it.

Ok so I feel bad for this guy because I remember that this is the dude whose wife died. But he’s also the dude with the lame profile, “Apprentice Jabbawockee & Beer Pong Enthusiast. Also, I once gave a girl a broken compass -Bachelorette Season 7.” One, putting “apprentice jabbawockee” is just lame. No one watches that dumb show anymore, and if you do watch it, why are you still watching it? The Jabbawockees are a bunch of tiny Asian men who do dance stunts, really nothing I haven’t seen before on campuses across America. Actually, just yesterday I saw a small Asian dude doing the robot -he was really good, too. I hate how West just HAS to freaking mention he was on the Bachelorette and that he gave her a compass when he met her. No one remembers, no one cares, sorry. It doesn’t make you “original” and “outdoorsy.”

Instead, I think the Twitter profiles of Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants should be something along the lines of:

Candy Stevens @CandyStevens

Pilates instructor, Loving daughter, Bachelor Season 30 -the one who got herpes from the jacuzzi 

Jacob Brooks @JacobBrooks

New Yorker. Marketing Exec. Bachelorette Season 29- Hopeless Romantic Pretender. Panty Dropper Extraordinaire. 

Paige Jones @PaigeJones

Generic Marilyn Monroe quote here that screams #HeyImBasic! Bachelor Season 52!

Kirk Andrew @KirkAndrew

Bachelorette Season 67. I manscape and wear tons of Ed Hardy. And I have a first name for a last name.

Alright, that’s a recap!