Well, it’s official…


I am going back to college for my senior year at The University of Wisconsin -Madison (do you like how I annoyingly made that red?!)  And while yes, I’m excited to begin my final year, I’m also slightly dreading the whole situation. Mainly because my two best friends at UW-Madison, i.e. the people I spend 90% of my time with, are both away for the semester. In Belgium and Argentina. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking -don’t most students go to France or Spain? Not these two, God bless them.  

So I’ve decided why not blog about me being stuck in Wisconsin?  Yes, it sounds like I am extremely bitter and jealous, and yes, I might be just a little, but I’m doing this because, well, I have nothing better to do. I kid, I kid.  I’m doing this because Emily, who’s away for a year in Buenos Aires, is blogging about her adventures and I think it might be fun to stay in touch this way. This blog will mainly include rants by me and attempts at stringing together a somewhat interesting story.  So let’s keep our expectations low and see where the next semester takes us.


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  1. Ahhhhh! Ameels! Just love love love it 😀 and ohh how I miss you! true story- missing you is much harder now than when only state street stood between us ❤

    Three things I miss most about not being with ya, Mel:
    1. My Bonquisha accent is way under-appreciated without you at my side
    2. our twenty-minute "let's run around the track…wait, let's speed walk, ohh actually, 5 minutes of planks on the mats…..on second thought, let's just hit up Franks"
    3. Stomping beer cans in the bathroom– hopefully we never see those chicas again!

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