upcoming titles from some of your favorite artists


Lady Gaga


Chola Garden

I Am Related… To Jesus

Mother Monster MILF

Born 2 B Bi

Leather Latex Lady Liberty

I Am In Love With The Following LGBT People: Alexander McQueen, Ellen DeGeneres, The Dad From The Brady Bunch, Alexander The Great, and Suze Orman

Kanye West

The King Has Come (I’m Referring To Myself)

Hatred (I Am Hated)

2nd Coming Of Our Lord The Savior (Still Referring To Myself)

S.P.E.C.I.E.S. (Super Powerful Emaciated Crowns Inside Evil Surrogates)

King And Queen And The Rest Of The M*****F****** Court (If You Don’t Understand That I Am Still Referring To Myself Then You’re Dumb)


LOL WHITE PEOPLE PT. II (feat. Rihanna, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and special guests Eminem and Bon Iver)

Taylor Swift

You Only Date Whores 😦

Green-Eyed Boy Standing In The Rain Not Looking At Me *Sigh*

When We Were Us


Teardrops On My Sparkly Banjo

I Told You That I’d Write A Song About You If You Cheated On Me

Boys Ain’t Sh** (But Hoes And Tricks)


Invitation to Party (DJ POOPHOLEXXX remix)

Party Bus For Rent

Where Did I Put My Party Hat?!!

Come To My Party (In My Party Room)

I Wanna C U Party Like A MOFO

Passed Out In Party Puke


Dude That Got Me Preggers


Drrty Underwear (From Homeless Beard Guy)

Don’t Be Corny Just Get Horny

Glitter On Your Thingy

More Double Entendres Than Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus

Now I’m Sexy

Look At Me -I Am A Grownup

Won’t Be Blamed

I Wear A C Cup

My Brother Looks Like A Horse (feat. her brother that looks like a horse from that one band)

Don’t Let Me Turn Into Lindsay Lohan (feat. Demi Lovato)


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