i’m at the library -again


Well I am at the library once again. I mean, that’s what I do now, you know, because I’m taking 18 credits -yeah, don’t ask. I kind of got scolded by a bald guy who was just walking around and looks at my desk area and goes “um, you aren’t supposed to have food in here.” I had a mini spicy cheese bread. Thankfully I wasn’t stuffing my face with it at the time, but nonetheless I was like “oh… SORRY!” But he was really cool about it and was like, “I see people with food in here all the time. Just don’t make a mess!” And I was like, “OK thanks cool bald guy!” -Except I didn’t really say the last part but you get the gist. Anyway, I was on Amazon like any good procrastinator, and I happened upon one of my reviews that I wrote.

It was a book review of this autobiography that I read. It was the Marilyn Manson one. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of knowing who Marilyn Manson is, let me tell you. He’s this weirdo shock rocker who is creepy as hell looking and his songs are about stuff like death and sex and drugs. So, I read his book because I like to read an interesting (or what I think will be interesting) autobiography here and there, and I was so disappointed. It’s him whining the entire time. And there are creepy as hell photos of him being, well, creepy as hell (I had to cover the book cover with a photograph of Lindsay Lohan). Anyway, I decide to warn other people about the book by writing a review on Amazon. Much to my surprise, this stupid book has about a five star rating. Like any good annoyed person, I write a review pretty much trashing the entire book, and then I get these annoying responses, and me being the type of person who always has to have the last word, I write back. Here are some screen shots:


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