all the proof you needed



as tragic as it might be.

So I was on tumblr (yes, I have tumblr) and I came upon this gem of a story. I have no idea why, but I started laughing out loud. It’s so dumb but I couldn’t stop laughing. I made a mental note to remember this story whenever I feel down and need some cheering up. Too much lolz.

‎*1 dai gurl n boi r mekin out. dey r in luv.

gurl stops meking out n asks boi to get poptartz.

he dus.

den gurl teks deep breff. den gurl sais “bf i am pregnent will u stay ma bf” n he seys “no”.

gurl iz hertbrokn. </////3

gurl criez n runz awaii from boi wiffout eatin poptart n she has low blood suga so she fols.

boi runs ova 2 her.

she ded. </333333333

boi crie “i sed i no b ur bf…cus i wona b ur husband!”

he screems n frows poptart @ wol… a bootiful diomand ring wus insyd.

♥ rglob if u crey always. tru luv iz unfare.

Let me just say there are SO many hilarious things on the internet. I mean, you probably know that, but seriously. Last night I was over at my friend’s apartment and I think I spent a good ten minutes of my valuable study time nearly keeling over in laughter from googling “SNAPE FUNNY PICTURES”

Here are some of my current favorite hilarious internet pictures/gifs. If you are near me in a library or in class with me, if I’m on the computer, then yes, this is probably what I’m trying hard not to laugh at…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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