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Halloween Costume Idea #1 blogger

I’m sure some of you have heard of the website Jezebel, which talks about fashion, sex, and celebrity culture for women. They’re the ones who got up in arms about Olivia Munn being hired on The Daily Show. And if you watch 30 Rock, Tina Fey spoofed them with a website called “Joan of Snark.” Tee hee.
I was having a hard time trying to come up with some Halloween costume ideas that were original yet not too obscure. I don’t really know how I thought of it, but I kind of like the idea if I do say so myself.
While not everyone has heard about Jezebel, I’m sure many have, including many of my college-aged friends. I know a lot of people who find it informational and interesting, but who also don’t take it too seriously and can laugh about how the bloggers get really passionate about certain things (*cough*Olivia Munn*cough*). I don’t mind Jezebel, in fact, I frequent the website pretty regularly. Yet, I definitely think Jezebel has kind of made itself into a parody of itself, which is sort of hard to understand but I think you’ll get it if and when you go to the site.
Anyway, let’s get on with the costume. 
1. The costume itself.
With Halloween approaching, Jezebel has devoted a few articles to slutty costumes. In fact, they have renamed Halloween -it is now Slutoween (totally original, props to whoever thought of that one). For your Jezebel blogger costume, I think it might be best done with irony. Dress the part of a slutty Jezebel blogger! Tight, low-cut tank top with some kind of anti-Olivia Munn slogan, a pair of sexy librarian glasses, red lipstick, black mascara, and top it off with a super short Catholic schoolgirl miniskirt. Then curl your hair and put it into pigtails. Baby slutty.
2. Get some issues of US Weekly, Star, People, Life & Style Any trashy tabloid will do. Jezebel likes to come out with weekly grades of tabloids. Just start carrying them around and giving them D minuses while saying something like, “getting sprayed by a skunk” and “eating expired tapioca.”
3. Buy some kind of sexy yet funny book about sex. And then some condoms, a vibrator, and maybe even lube (go to the women’s health center on campus -they are always shelling out free packets of lube and condoms!) Then subtly act like you are more sexually experienced and un-prudish than everyone else. Give them advice even when they don’t want it.
4. Bring your Macbook. You’re a blogger, duh.
5. RYAN GOSLING. Print out a picture of Ryan Gosling and cut out hearts and glitter glue them on the picture. Then go around and tell everyone that Ryan Gosling is a dreamboat that says “hey girl” and that you are madly, insanely in love with him.
THERE YOU GO! Jezebel blogger Halloween costume. You’re welcome.

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