what your mail says about you


Have you ever seen that episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon gets her new neighbor’s mail? Jon Hamm stars as the hottest, most perfect neighbor of all time, Dr. Drew Baird. Liz decides to snoop through his mail and finds herself becoming infatuated with a man who subscribes to “all the movie channels, including Starz,” and has a membership in the cheese of the month club.

Let’s face it, a lot of the time we judge other people by what they like and what they will pay for. Admit it, you’ve snooped through the magazines lying around your friend’s apartment. It’s okay, I do it too. Perhaps you go to their bookshelf or look to see what Netflix DVDs came in the mail. Again, we all do it.

Well, now I’ve compiled a list of different things that people pay for and what these items probably mean about them.

1.) Magazines.

Magazines are a good way to encompass one’s personality/likes/characteristics. For example, if you subscribe to Cat Fancy, you probably really like cats and own a few. Or if you have a monthly subscription to Maxim, you’re probably a eighteen-year-old boy from Illinois.

I have created an easy to follow graphic that provides you with magazine personality information:


2.) Netflix DVDs.

Many people nowadays get Netflix. While I know a lot of college people who only get the streaming (like myself), the DVDs are pretty popular too. You can tell a lot about people just by the movies they watch -trust me. I can tell you that all of my good friends seem to like She’s The Man and can quote it. I know, I’m lucky.

For every Netflix-er who orders the DVDs, there is usually a category or archetype that they fit into when it comes to their movie watching. There’s what I like to call the Girl’s Girl. She likes comedies, especially romantic comedies or chick flicks that are actually good (see Sweet Home Alabama, Clueless, etc.) She’s also a fan of classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Annie Hall. Then you have the Undercover Sentimental. He likes classic R-rated movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather. He also likes the premium channels for more of that R-rated stuff that you can’t find on the networks. Yes, he likes Pixar. So what?

Next we have the Are You Trying To Make Yourself Miserable? girl. She clearly likes the tearjerkers and any movie with a hot guy who also ends up being sensitive (see every crappy chick flick). Oh and It gets better, she even likes teenage saga supernatural love stories like Twilight and any weird show on the CW.

Finally we have the Doesn’t Exist. This is salute to Dr. Drew Baird. That guy who has the perfect taste in movies. He usually doesn’t exist. Except when he does, oh boy, it’s magic. Let me tell you about Willie. This one time, Emily and I were going to a movie and we didn’t really plan ahead so well and we realized that we missed the bus to take us back to campus. So we decided to ask some random couple if we could bum a ride off of them. They were so nice and surprisingly not creeped out, but then again, I don’t think Emily and I are too menacing. Anyway, the guy introduces himself as Willie, and to be honest, I want to say the girl’s name was Kate, but I don’t really remember because that was the night we met Willie -the night that seemed to be out of some chick flick where the awkward-yet-lovable female lead played by Kate Hudson meets this charming, handsome, funny, caring guy played by Ryan Gosling. He likes all the same quirky things she likes and they end up together. Yes, it was like one of those nights. Seriously, when does that ever happen in real life?

Anyway, we get into the back seat of his car and what we find is almost too good to be true. Next to the CAMPING GEAR in his backseat, there is a DVD of The Sandlot. Yeah. Oh, and he also tells us he’s going to be a doctor, but he seems to be more interested in talking about what we want to do with the rest of our lives. And he was not only very cute, but he was wearing plaid. Yep. That happened.

Ok, sorry for the long story, here’s another graphic for ya:

I realize that this is getting kind of long, so how about I stop for now and I can add to this list later -it’ll be worth the wait, promise.

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    • oh goodness niiicole,

      seriously that was it. he was so nice and then he dropped us off and wished us luck in our studies or whatever. he was PERFECT. seriously. and the girl he was with wasn’t like outrageously gorgeous or a sports illustrated swimsuit model -she was a normal gal.

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