an ode to alex


good times

Alex, this one is for you.

 I don’t just mean the picture of the free pizza we got that one time (and the other one that we ordered in Washington), but I mean this post is for you.  You are in Belgium and I have been missing you like crazy.  Whenever anyone mentions Virginia or the DC area, my immediate response is “MY BEST FRIEND IS FROM THERE!”  Whenever anyone talks about journalism (which is a lot for me) I always manage to say something like, “Oh yeah my friend Alex and I took this class,” or “my friend Alex had the infamous ‘pretty 202 ta’ that everyone was in love with.”

Fortunately, you will not be gone for more than a semester, which means you’ll be coming back to quite soon. Thankfully we have a class together -345, Tamika, right? Let’s just hope she’s not Jiawin, bless her and her Snoopy sweatshirt.

I guess this isn’t really an ode but more of a reflection piece of our friendship and how much I miss you.

Some things I miss:

-Studying with you for finals/test/etc. (“dinosaurs…” “…are real?!”; “gentleman farmer”; “Autobiography of Frederick Douglass, by Frederick Douglass, the slave. Frederick Douglass.”)

-Talking about our favorite TV shows (Please say you’ve seen the recent episodes of Parks and Rec! You love AHS, duh, and I bet that your favorite character is Moira -hot, young version.)

-Watching movies (BLACK SWAN WTF.)

-Encouraging me to binge eat/gain weight for finals (I hate you for this, you know that. #chubbycheeks)

-Me admitting my love for you (certain girl who shall remain nameless: “Amelia, don’t you remember that one time when we cried over the fact that Alex will never date us?” Me: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Her: “yes you do! C’mon now…” Me: “I DID NOT CRY” But really, I didn’t)

Oh how I could go on. But I actually have to study for class.

Good luck with writing your 50 pages!


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