I like names. I like thinking about names in the context of my future children (if I decide to have children) or future pets (oh, I’ll have pets). I like names a lot actually, like, for some reason, I play “TOP 100 BABY NAMES OF THE NINETIES” on sporcle all the time. IDK! (I play that and Big 4 sports all the time… and somehow never win)

Anyway, here are some names I really like…


1. Liddy. I’ve been really liking this name lately ever since I heard it on 30 Rock. It also turns out I’m not the only one -Jon Huntsman’s daughter’s name is Liddy. While Liddy is usually short for Elizabeth or Lydia, you could probably just name your kid/dog Liddy and no one would really care, especially with names like “APPLE” and “SURI” these days.

2. Rose. I love the name Rose. I used to not like it because I thought it was old sounding (and it is) but I love it now. Rose is such a pretty name. I imagine a girl named Rose as someone spunky and free-willed.

3. Margaret. I’ve always loved the name Margaret. What’s great about Margaret is that you can have Maggie as a nickname and I LOVE THE NAME MAGGIE, too. I have no idea why. Maybe because one of my first friends’ name was Maggie, but for whatever reason, I love Maggie/Margaret.

4. For whatever reason, I love certain initials like M.A., D.A., R.K., and J.K. I have no idea why, I just do. I actually like initials for girls way more than for boys.

5. Unisex last name names like Logan, Kirby, Collins, Emerson. I know these names are kind of annoying but I like them because they’re unique and cute sounding. DON’T JUDGE.


1. Forrest. My grandpa’s name is Forrest and I just love that name; it’s unique, yet not unheard of, it has meaning, and is just overall really classy sounding. I think this is definitely my top boy name.

2. Jack. LOVE the name Jack. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just a great boy’s name. Simple and short. Everyone I know whose name is Jack is always really outstanding, human being wise.

3. Jem, as in Jem from To Kill a Mockingbird. I guess I would have to name him Jeremy (if this is a human, if it is a dog I guess it doesn’t matter) which is okay. The only thing is is that he would most likely be made fun of because Jem seems so girly nowadays, so I guess that’s probably a bad idea. But if I lived in the south I feel like it would be acceptable, but not out east or something. I imagine a Jem looking like a freckled kid with overalls. Kind of exactly like the character of Jem in TKAM, fittingly.

4. Flynn. I LOVE the name Flynn. It’s so bad ass.

5. Reid. Always liked this name. It’s unusual but not too unusual. I really like preppy names for some reason.


I wish I liked more literary names because those always make for a cool story/sound intelligent, like “OH YEAH? WELL I NAMED MY KID/DOG AFTER A CHARACTER IN JOHN STEINBECK’S GRAPES OF WRATH”


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