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I am now going to present a new segment on my blog called “gif me a break.” I’m going to rant about stuff and use awesome gifs, and that’s pretty much it. So here we go with the first edition of GIF ME A BREAK.

Let’s set aside politics for a bit and talk about the tragedy of Treyvon Martin. I bought some skittles about five minutes ago, and I couldn’t help but think about how this 17-year-old boy was gunned down by a wannabe policeman George Zimmerman because he looked “suspicious,” when in reality, he was walking back to his father’s girlfriend’s house armed only with a bag of skittles and an Arizona iced tea.

On Buzzfeed they have a couple of stories on how different politicians commented on the murder. President Obama said “if I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon Martin,” and went on to condemn the murder. Romney and Santorum als0 gave statements to the press and called the murder a “tragedy” and blamed police for their lack of involvement. Obviously, no matter what side you’re on, this was a senseless murder that truly speaks volumes about the racial tensions in this country.

Unfortunately, Gingrich had to spoil the bi-partisan agreement by saying that while he thought the case was a “tragedy,” he still supports the stand-your-ground law.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicUgh NEWT JUST STFU!!!!!

On CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, host Morgan asked Gingrich what he thought on the issue of the controversial law.

“Isn’t this stand your ground law a lot of old nonsense? Dangerous nonsense, that’s now being abused, left, right and center, by people who just want to shoot people?”

To which Gingrich responded:

“I think, Piers, you just took an enormous jump. That’s like cities that have rules that even if somebody breaks into your house, you can’t defend yourself. Both extremes taken in the wrong direction are false.”

According to the Huffington Post, Gingrich also said that while he didn’t know all the facts of the Martin case, he didn’t feel the stand-your-ground law would ultimately apply.

UGH. Gingrich. YOU DUMB PIECE OF AGHHHH!!!! I thought I could be eloquent in trying to talk about this case, but I can’t with comments like the ones made by the former Speaker. Seriously, COME ON.

The stand your ground law is honestly one of the dumbest laws ever created. Like, I guess I can maybe understand if there’s someone on your freaking front porch with a machine gun, but this was a seventeen-year-old kid armed with SKITTLES and ARIZONA ICED TEA. Actually, never mind. I don’t get this law. I mean, it’s bogus because it’s a coverup for criminal homicide. This isn’t a self defense law, it’s a crazy-person-can-now-get-away-with-murder law.

I just don’t understand people who can say things like, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT BUT I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYWAY!” It’s like, why are you even trying?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicJust STFU and go away Newt -no one cares

Anyway, this whole thing is just so messed up. If this was a white boy I guarantee you that Zimmerman would have been put in jail and charged with murder within the first few days. This took a month. A MONTH, people. I just don’t get it. And not to mention that the freaking cops were pretty much trying to make the whole case go away. Apparently the police force even went so far as to tell witnesses to change their stories, so it would look more like Zimmerman acted out of defense. Disgusting. It just goes to show you that we still have a long way to go in terms of equality and race relationships.


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  1. The stand your ground law doesn’t really apply in the Martin case. The fact that there was an “altercation” between the two will no doubt have a much bigger role to play.

    • I disagree. It does apply to the Martin case because that is what Zimmerman and the police department are hiding behind; they’re trying to make this whole situation go away by using this law as an excuse, so I definitely think it applies. Of course the altercation will have a big role to play, but on the basis of law and justice in this country, the stand-your-ground law WILL have a great effect on the case. I mean, it’s what kept Zimmerman out of jail and it’s also what might acquit him. So to say that this law doesn’t apply kind of shows that you don’t know a ton about the case. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I just think it’s good that people understand the whole situation before they jump to a certain side. Thanks for your comment!

      • I do know something about the case, and I don’t see how the circumstances apply to stand-your-ground. According to the eyewitness, Martin was on top of Zimmerman, while Zimmerman was crying for help. Apparently at that point, Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot Martin.

        That’s just regular self defense. No stand-your-ground or castle doctrine needs to apply in this situation. That’s why there wasn’t an immediate arrest.

        But I’m sure Zimmerman will eventually be charged with Manslaughter at least, since he caused the circumstances that led to him shooting Martin. And he will be convicted. The Mob has spoken.

      • I didn’t mean to sound rude to you when I answered your comment, so I apologize if I did.

        I understand what you’re saying, but I think it’s kind of naive to say that the circumstances surrounding the Martin case don’t apply. The entire reason why Zimmerman didn’t get arrested until a month later is because of the stand-your-ground law. He was able to be a free man even though he murdered a young boy BECAUSE of the stand-your-ground law, so it absolutely applies to the situation. If you don’t think so, then honestly, I think you should look over the facts -go to Huffington Post because they have some great coverage on the case.

        Also, to your Fox News article,
        1. It’s Fox News. C’mon dude.
        2. The article was published and revised in February when a lot of the information was trying to be covered up by the cops and not everything was out in the open.
        3. If you listen to the 911 calls, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t what happened.

        Once again, I don’t mean to embarrass you or call you out. But I do mean to try to correct you and to understand the entire situation.

        Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hm. I enjoyed the post, but I don’t think it’s the law that’s really the problem. Anyone without an agenda and half a brain can look at the information about this case that’s already been made public and realize that Zimmerman is full of it with his self-defense claim. Law or no, he is likely going to fry for it in the end. It IS a shame that this all took a month to even get going. The system isn’t perfect. It is more than flawed. It’s f-ed up.

    • i understand what you’re saying, but i think the fact that this man is HIDING behind this law is f-ed up, and because of that, I think they need to repeal it or seriously amend it. Thanks for your comment!

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