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polish and such… it’s a beauty post


I LOVE NAIL POLISH. I used to really hate it because I’ve always been a big tomboy, but lately I am in love with it. I mean, nail polish is probably the least girly of all beauty products, besides, like, foundation.

Here’s my thing about “designer nail polish.” I think it’s worth the money. Yeah, it’s kind of pricey, but the color payoff as well as the lasting ability is pretty great. Plus, don’t little glass bottles with designer names like “Dior” and “YSL” look really chic on a bathroom counter?!

This is Dior’s Lucky. It’s like a pinky red, and I absolutely love it. I’m usually not a fan of reds, but this one is the perfect rosy red. Usually I think reds are kind of older looking, but this is a fun red because there are obvious pink undertones. You could probably wear this color to any occasion -graduation, birthday, school dance, whatever. Granted, if your school colors are red (like mine), it might clash, so beware.

This is Essie in No More Film. I love Essie. It’s the best “cheaper” kind of nail polish. This purple looks amazing -it’s dark enough that you could wear it to work (if your work has strict dress codes), but it’s also not too dark and dreary. I mean, it is springtime!

Deborah Lippmann’s On the Beach. LOVE THIS COLOR. It reminds me of water and the ocean and tropical-ness. I could see wearing this to school and getting tons of compliments.

YSL in Surreal Yellow. Love this. The thing you have to be wary of with yellow polish is that you put on enough coats. One time I was at Nordstrom and this saleswoman came up to me and tried to get me to buy this Deborah Lippmann polish in Yellow Brick Road. The thing with that color is that it’s not opaque; the woman described it to me as a “gel” like coating that was reminiscent of jellybeans. See, I’m not a fan of that because then it looks like you’ve got a yellow nail problem going on unless you put, like, 20 coats of it on. YSL Surreal Yellow is opaque, thank goodness.