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The other week Parks and Rec came back on and saved my sanity. Seriously, I do not know how I went five weeks without that show. Anyway, it came back and it did so in the best way possible -a seriously hilarious episode filled with BEN WYATT.

For those of you who don’t know who Ben Wyatt is, he’s pretty much the new Jim Halpert. Actually, he’s like Jim Halpert and then some. Personally, I think Ben Wyatt is the more mature and slightly more neurotic version of Jim Halpert. What’s not to love?

In the episode Ben is unemployed and pretty much just sits around all day making his claymation video and wearing a Letters to Cleo t-shirt.

Tumblr was abuzz over the fact that Ben called claymation “claymaysh,” that he was wearing a Letters to Cleo t-shirt, and that he developed an idea involving low calorie calzones. I mean, what more could one want? Obviously nothing, and that is why I’m giving a tip of my hat to the writers on P&R.

They have made a character who is cynical yet charming, into weird determined feminist chicks, has great taste in music, is smart, cute, sensible yet imaginative, funny both unintentionally and sometimes intentionally, geeky, and just all-around adorable.  Plus, he’s played by the seriously underrated Adam Scott (even though Friends with Kids was HORRIBLE -we can forgive him, he was Henry on Party Down).

So Ben Wyatt and the writers of P&R, I salute you. You’ve made a character that is like Edward Cullen without being Edward Cullen. God Bless you.