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hey freshman! we’re gonna lie to you from the start! enjoy college!


Okay, so I volunteer at the Wisconsin Admissions Volunteer place, which basically means that I get free pizza and pop and sit around calling accepted high school seniors, asking them what they want to know about UW Madison.

I like doing it because:

  1. I’m a chatterbox
  2. I love talking to random people (thanks mom!)
  3. I like advising high school students (one of my future dream jobs is being a high school counselor)

Anyway, I like being honest with kids because I was once where they were and I know that I liked it when people were honest about their schools. Also, it’s not like I’m saying things like “THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN BUY ALCOHOL UNDERAGE!” or “THAT FRAT IS KNOWN FOR ROOFIE-ING GIRLS!” I mean, hello, we want them to come to UW Madison.

I was talking to this girl who lives in Virginia (who actually went to a high school near where I’m from) and she asked about the dorms and yes, I told her what I know about the dorms. So I said, “well, honestly, southeast is more lenient when it comes to noise and stuff, and it also has a reputation for being kind of more ‘party’ than lakeshore, but honestly it just depends on what you make of where you are. You’ll find people who are into what you’re into everywhere. And lakeshore is more quiet and kind of more out of the way when it comes to classes, but like I said, it depends on what you major in and where your classes are.” So this supervisor lady, who isn’t even that much older than me, comes up to me and scolds me on the importance of being neutral and not having a bias for southeast. UM, HELLO, I DON’T HAVE A BIAS. IT’S CALLED TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Seriously, if you think I have a bias towards southeast then it’s kind of obvious that you’re inferring that there’s a bias when really I was just giving honest facts about both dormitories. And the girl I was talking to actually said “oh I like the quiet! Good to know.” So if anything, I was giving her a lakeshore bias -even though I wasn’t giving any type of bias at all.

Maybe I have something against authority, but when she confronted me I didn’t back down or apologize, which in hindsight might have been not the nicest, but you know what, I always have good conversations with these high school seniors and they always thank me for telling about the differences of lakeshore and southeast. Living in certain places can really effect the beginning of your college experience, believe me, I know people who have considered switching schools because they hated where they lived and wanted to be somewhere else -but noooo, you can’t tell kids what’s really up with the different dorms!

Then she went on to scold me for talking to this girl for over 10 minutes. Uh…

  1. You guys never told us there was a time limit.
  2. What, do you want me to be like, “OH HEY OUR TIME IS UP SO YOU CAN GO ONLINE AND LOOK UP THE STUFF YOURSELF” ?-Yeah, that’s really going to encourage some incoming freshman into wanting to come here if the people who are supposed to help them say stuff like that.
  3. We had flow.
  4. Speaking as a former incoming freshman, I loved talking to older students because they were knowledgable about their college. I mean, why else would you take this volunteering job?

Personally, I find it dumb that she had to scold me on being honest and open with these kids, as well as having legitimate conversations with them -but what do I know? I’m a lowly volunteer.

the joys of being stuck in wisconsin


Okay, I have to admit, I met Scott Walker, and to be honest, I didn’t hate him. In fact, I thought he was pretty likable for the most part. I mean, the guy did agree to sit down with a group of 15 journalism majors from UW-Madison and talk to them about pretty much anything in relation to his policies.

Anyway, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past six months, Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin. He is probably best known for the crazy protests and rallies about his union-busting policies. Oh yeah, and for that whole prank call situation he got himself into.

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