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HOT 100


Well, it’s official guys, the Maxim Hot 100 has been released for 2012.  This is seriously big news, I mean, if you’re like a fifteen-year-old male.  Personally, this list is always a little lulzy for me. First of all, it’s pretty much just an excuse for the editors of Maxim to get their brand name out and in the news -it’s free publicity, so maybe it’s actually kind of smart on their part. Hmm. Anyway,  it’s an extremely vapid list that only counts “hotness” as the key factor. I think it says a lot about our society that there’s so much press coverage and so-called “hype” on an extremely subjective list based on how sexy a woman is. I mean, there was even a TV show on VH1 about it.

This year’s list was even a little more smarmy because they decided to put Amanda Knox (no. 92) on the list, as in the girl who was accused (and convicted, but it was overturned) of murdering her abroad roommate. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think that’s going a little too far. Yeah, she’s a very pretty girl, but come on, she was convicted of murder. It’s just tacky and attention-seeking.

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say it ain’t so, joe…


Ok, so Penn State.


I really don’t know what to say, other than this is seriously one of the most disgusting, horrific things I think I have ever heard of. Jerry Sandusky is obviously a horrible, horrible person, but can we just talk about JoePa? He’s an institution at Penn State as well as college football in general. Speaking as someone who isn’t the biggest football fan, I knew the guy even before this scandal broke. In fact, I have always regarded him as a cute old man.

Now, not so much. How he could let this happen while HE KNEW about it going on is reprehensible. He has five children himself.

Yeah, I get that he is one of the best football coaches ever. I understand that he hasn’t had any NCAA violations in the forty-odd years he has coached for PSU. But what I don’t understand is how he could let a “mistake” like this happen. Seriously? You don’t just accidentally forget about the situation. Neither should you report it to someone in the higher up and wait for them to do something about it. GO TO THE COPS OR FBI OR SOMETHING. Don’t just sit around waiting for someone else to do the right thing.

It’s really sad about Paterno. Nobody likes it when someone who is so revered, so idolized falls from grace in such a tragic way that could have been prevented. But I think the students at PSU should realize that he did the wrong thing and needs to own up to it. This case is talking about sexually abusing children. RAPING CHILDREN. Raping children who were already from a hard background; they thought they had found someone who they could trust, and instead he ends up seriously abusing them in the most horrible way. What if it was your brother? Or cousin? Seriously.

The students rioted, which kinda makes me think they either didn’t know the whole situation exactly, were drunk, or just wanted to participate in a riot because everyone else was doing it. Probably all of the three. Hopefully they can see the error of their ways because Paterno deserved to get fired. It would have been completely unjust to let him retire. He turned a blind eye and went on. I’m sorry but you can’t just do that.

As much as I’d like to chalk it up to “he’s a senile old man, though!” I can’t. What he did was not okay. Sure, he didn’t rape those boys, but he didn’t stop Sandusky -and that’s pretty much just as bad as committing the actual crime. He knew what was going on, but he didn’t do anything.

Blah. I have to get up at seven tomorrow.

gummy bears ain’t for adolescents anymore… well, actually they still are, but now they’re DANGEROUS


In a recent Huff Post article of groundbreaking investigative journalism, the perils of gummy bears soaked in alcohol were finally revealed to horrified parents everywhere. Yes, believe it or not, teens are currently stuffing their mouths with gummy bears drenched in vodka, an “edgy” new take on what was always an innocent and childlike snack.

The article, which calls teen drinking one of “the scariest things” a parent will have to worry about, describes the harrowing trend in lurid details:

And what’s more frightening, is how clever they’ve become about hiding the act from parents. Once upon a time, teens stole alcohol from their parents, so keeping a close watch on your own liquor cabinet was a fine way to curb the problem. But today, their creativity puts the old trick of refilling bottles with Sprite to shame. And the latest trend in undercover drinking is especially savvy – especially around Halloween time.

Teens are using gummy candy (bears and worms to be exact) to get drunk. They soak the candy in alcohol, Keloland.com reports.

HOLY F***! I thought we only had to worry about girls dipping their tampons in vodka and stuffing them up their vaginas in a way to get crunk fast and without the excess calories, but no, now we must also worry about the gummy bear, which has the ability to reach both sexes.

Who knew those little suckers could pack such a huge punch? Well, I for one am surprised and disgusted -and I mean disgusted both literally and figuratively. As in, yeah, that’s a disgusting trend and yeah, vodka and sugary gummy bears are disgusting enough to make me barf within eating five bears.

Let me tell you, as someone who may or may not have legally tried the gummy bear soaked in vodka, this trend is something to seriously worry about. Why? Well, one, because teens LOVE candy and alcohol -perfect combination. Two, they are so tiny that you won’t know what hit you until you end up in the ICU with broken bones and a stomach pump. And finally, three, because, well, who doesn’t want to just sit around and eats hundreds upon hundreds of delightfully colored bears to get a buzz instead of having to sneak a shot glass and pour yourself a few? The answer is obvious -TEENS WILL TAKE THE GUMMY BEAR WAY. Taking shots is just too much effort, too time consuming, and it tastes bad. Duh. Gummy bears are delicious, fun, and you won’t taste the alcohol at all! I mean, yeah, you’ll have to literally consume hundreds to get a buzz, but hey, it’s the easier way, trust me.

Oh and parents -watch out for these babies…

(and you thought the lil’ guys were scary…)

all the proof you needed



as tragic as it might be.

So I was on tumblr (yes, I have tumblr) and I came upon this gem of a story. I have no idea why, but I started laughing out loud. It’s so dumb but I couldn’t stop laughing. I made a mental note to remember this story whenever I feel down and need some cheering up. Too much lolz.

‎*1 dai gurl n boi r mekin out. dey r in luv.

gurl stops meking out n asks boi to get poptartz.

he dus.

den gurl teks deep breff. den gurl sais “bf i am pregnent will u stay ma bf” n he seys “no”.

gurl iz hertbrokn. </////3

gurl criez n runz awaii from boi wiffout eatin poptart n she has low blood suga so she fols.

boi runs ova 2 her.

she ded. </333333333

boi crie “i sed i no b ur bf…cus i wona b ur husband!”

he screems n frows poptart @ wol… a bootiful diomand ring wus insyd.

♥ rglob if u crey always. tru luv iz unfare.

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