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kim’s old face


Well I just spent the last three hours playing “surviving high school” on my phone. Yes, I did just admit to that. Ugh. Anyway, I’m back at home after suffering a devastating loss in Pasadena… Oh Badgers, two years in a row? Ouch.

Anyway, like any sane person, I like to read magazines on the plane ride home. This time I picked up a Glamour (I have yet to read it -oops) and an In Style or Star -I can never remember which tabloid is which. On the cover of this week’s In Style/Star Kim Kardashian and her old face (RIP) seem to take up the most space. It is actually insane how much she has changed her looks. I mean, you can obviously tell it’s still good ol’ Kim, but just like a 2.0 version or something updated. Oh, and I love how she’s like “UM I’VE ONLY HAD BOTOX… LIKE ONCE” -Riiiiiight… Seriously, just check out this picture comparison of her from 2006 and 2009:

Sad. She looks like a plasticized doll of herself. Here are some more pictures of Kim and her old face…

Don’t believe me that she has had work done? Ok then, here:




we will miss you

and by “miss you” i mean “just die already, sry gurl”